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The NOWCC SEE Program is on a biweekly payroll system that runs from Saturday morning to the second Friday night.

A check or direct deposit verification will be mailed to you from the NOWCC SEE Program headquarters office in Arlington, VA every other Thursday.

Direct deposit is available upon request. Your paycheck is deposited into the bank of your choice on the check date. Direct deposit is the fastest, safest and most efficient way of receiving your money. Click here to print a copy of the Direct Deposit Form. If you need assistance, please contact your NOWCC Field Office.

Lost or stolen paychecks may be avoided by utilizing direct deposit. Keep in mind that holidays will often affect the delivery time of the U.S. mail. However, if a check is not received 7 days after the pay date, the enrollee should:

A replacement check will be issued and sent within 5 business days. If the "lost/stolen" paycheck is received after the stop payment process is initiated, the enrollee must return the original paycheck to the NOWCC Field Office immediately.

Enrollee Payroll Schedule Click here to access the enrollee pay schedule for the current calendar year.


The NOWCC SEE Program enrollees use the ADP electronic timesheet system, to report their hours.  The NOWCC headquarters payroll department in Arlington, VA must receive the approved timesheets via ADP Portal before payment will be issued.

ADP Portal

Deadline Timesheets must be received by NOWCC Payroll Department no later than the Tuesday following the last day of the pay period. The Calendar will reflect these early calls or you will be notified in advance by e-mail.

Submitting Your Timesheet

  • You can fill out and submit your timesheet daily or wait until the end of the pay period and fill out and submit your timesheet for the entire pay period.
  • Clicking on the "Save" button does not send the timesheet to your monitor, it simply saves it in the system. 
  • Do not pre-fill your timesheet for the days that you have not worked. Only vacation/annual leave hours can be pre-filled in advance.
  • At the end of the pay period, after you submit your timesheet, you must notify your monitor that your timesheet is ready for approval. The ezLaborManager system does not send automatic messages to monitors.


Authorized Hours

The assigned hours an enrollee is authorized to work every pay period are considered authorized hours. These hours determine the amount of holiday pay for which an enrollee is eligible. Authorized hours are entered into the NOWCC SEE Program payroll program which automatically calculates paid holiday hours.

When an enrollee's authorized hours change for a sustained period, the Monitor must inform the NOWCC Field Office in writing.


NOWCC follows federal wage and hour law or state law, whichever is more generous. Typically, overtime is defined as time WORKED over 40 hours in a single week. Overtime calculations will not include holiday, sick leave, vacation leave or any other non-work hours.

Overtime is rarely required. If your assignment requires more than forty (40) hours of work per week, you and your Monitor must have advance approval from your EPA SEE Coordinator. This written approval must be sent to the payroll department before payment will be released. Authorized overtime will be paid at time and a half. Contact your NOWCC Field Office for further information.

Volunteer Hours

You may not volunteer to work extra hours without pay.

Compensatory Time

You may not take compensatory time off in lieu of overtime payment. Compensatory time is defined as taking time off instead of getting paid for hours worked. This is not allowed.

Flex Time

You may, with your Monitor's prior permission, rearrange your authorized hours on a temporary basis. For example, you might work four (4) days at ten (10) hours each instead of five (5) days at eight (8) hours each. Another example would be if you normally work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but need to change to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday one week.

NOTE: Some states (i.e. California) place restrictions on working more than 8 hours per day. Please contact your NOWCC Field Office before discussing with your Monitor an increase in your work schedule beyond eight hours per day.


Under Construction.

If you have any questions about the iPay Statements, please contact the Payroll Department at 703-558-4200 option 2.